02 May

Congratulations to our winners at the Singing Competition!
 5 years old: 2nd place: Cherilynn Wang
 4 years old group:1st place: Jade Chen, 3rd place: Neel Chugh, Eric Zhou
 3 years old: 3rd place Frank Zhou
 3-5 year old group (duet): 3rd place: Adam Xu and Bolun Feng
 3-5 year old group (group): 1st place: Kristen Chen, Aly Zorka, Meera Chugh, Cherilynn Wang
 6 years old group: 1st place: Aly Zorka
 9-10 age group: 2nd place: Daniel Deng
 6-8 years old group: 3rd place: Shelbie Livingson, IMG_5942 IMG_5978 IMG_6006 IMG_6021 IMG_6040 IMG_6103 IMG_6129Kathleen Jiang

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