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The words from Principal, Liu Yan, Discovery Montessori Academy to the parents
“尊重、自由、平等,培养双语人才”是Discovery Montessori Academy办园的特色和宗旨。蒙特梭利的教育理念以儿童为主体,尊重儿童的个性差异与独特的发展空间。在这种教育理念下,老师仅是一种协助与引导的角色,而非传统的填鸭主导式教学。学生在这种教育理念下,更能充分发挥自身的创造力、想象力与实践能力。

“Respect, freedom, equality, and training bilingual talents” are the features and aim of the Discovery Montessori Academy (DMA). The educational philosophy of Montessori School is to respect children, to put them as the top priority, and to cultivate their characteristic differences and unique development. Under the concept of the educational philosophy, teachers in DMA play an important role to assist with students’ learning, rather than the traditional cramming method of teaching. Also, by utilizing this educational philosophy, students’ creativity, imagination and practical abilities are greatly fostered.


Establishing a Montessori school is what I have always pursued. With my knowledge and experience of early childhood education, as well as my background of teaching Chinese linguistics and literature, I have always had a strong passion to teach for children. I founded a private kindergarten in China, and then I migrated to the United States. However, my dream has never been changed—establishing a Montessori school. Since then, I have continued to engage in postgraduate education, and also obtained the international Montessori (AMI) diploma issued by The Association Montessori International (AMI). In the meantime, I have found that Montessori pedagogy is a fabulous approach that teachers are able to respect for the child’s personality, and to cultivate their potentials, which children have more freedom and consciousness.

看到孩子们有很多的时间和精力去学习去探索,可是在传统的教学中,他们在这些时间里却无所事事,满教室乱跑时,这样的时刻我的心情总是不能平静!当我将Montessori的教学方法用在中文的教学中,看到孩子们的专注,认真、满足的神情,而且收效更高时,我就下决心要将更好的教育带给孩子们,让更多的孩子终身受益!而这一切,正是蒙特梭利教育理念所能够给与孩子们的,也是我创办这所 Discovery Montessori Academy 的初衷。

Under the concept of Montessori educational philosophy, I have seen children are able to have more time to focus on their study and explore their knowledge. However, with the approaches of traditional teaching, children usually have nothing to do in the class. I am very anxious about it when I have seen this happened. When I have applied Montessori teaching methods into Chinese teaching, and when I have seen the moment that my students are able to focus on their study, I made a decision to provide them a highly standard education, so that children will be benefited in a lifetime. All of these are based on the Montessori philosophy, and they are also my pursuit of Discovery Montessori Academy.



DMA has pursued the modern education philosophy, which means all classes are designed by student-centered and entertained mode. Combining with my teaching experiences, our school aims to benefit more children, and encourage more Chinese children to have better learning environment to learn Chinese. Children, who are aged from born to 6, have the golden time to lay the foundation of learning Chinese. Once they missed this time, they most possibly would miss the critical time and opportunity to learn Chinese. Dear parents, DMA is the first bilingual Montessori school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where learning English is the mainly learning goal, and Chinese as the auxiliary.

I look forward to meeting you and your children. I’d love to have the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. Most importantly, I look forward to watching your children grow and excel at the DMA.


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