25 Mar

2015 Speech Contest and article

We are so proud of all our students! Everyone worked so hard on their speeches and Chinese character literacy.

Congratulations to the winners!

First Prize Winner Second Prize Winner Third Prize Winner
Group A Housan Chen Alex Wang Justin He, Ally Chen
Group B Ted Zhou Leah Yang,Andrew Huang Ethan Huang, Andrew Wang, Joshua Li
Group C Jefferson Chiu Kaylee Xie Julia Shi, Chelsea Sun
Group D Ethan Jeon Shelbie Livingston, Cannon Austin Aly Zorka, Baldwin Brown
Group E Edward Mou Ansel Jones Vivian Huang, Kaichen Guo
Group F Vivan He Laure Zhao Ian Ke, Nathan Tan
Group G Tracy Wang Alaina Hu, Annabelle Shen Nathan Zhou
Group H Chelsea Li Evan Li Claire Sun

Some pictures are posted here.

For more pictures, please see our album on Facebook. You do not need a Facebook account to see the pictures.



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