22 Oct

Worldwide Filial Piety Discovery Montessori Academy Cup Chinese Classics Recitation Competition

“Worldwide Filial Piety ” is a non-governmental organization established in 2013. In recent years, it has organized various kinds of activities to promote filial piety in various provinces and cities of China. More than 200 media outlets including CCTV, provincial and municipal television stations, as well as Xinhuanet, www.china.org.cn etc have reported the activities. Dallas is the first overseas stop of Worldwide Filial Piety. It is of great significance and far-reaching influence.

 In order to propagate the traditional culture of China, interfuse the Chinese culture with the world culture, and ensure Chinese classical literature continues to be enjoyed in the modern era, we have the great honor to invite Dallas area Chinese schools to participate in the classics’ recitation competition.

The winners of this competition will be invited to participate in the “Worldwide Filial Piety” New Year Party in Dallas on January 31, 2020. On that stage, famous singers and artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan will be invited to perform. The children will recite Chinese classics on the American stage and let the world to hear the strongest voice of Chinese culture.

Participating teams:

Chinese schools in Dallas and individuals (age 3 to 14)

 Registration deadline:

November 18th, 2019

Dress Code:

Uniform or Characteristics

Registration fees:


Registration Methods:

(一)Remote Registration

Contact:Yan Liu     Tel:972-359-0909/214-500-3557

Wechat Official Account: tianyimontessori

Payment method: (please specify on the registration form)

(1)Check:   Discovery Montessori Academy

Mail to:Discovery Montessori Academy, Allen: 601 S Fountain Gate Dr. Allen TX 75002

(2)Quick pay or Paypal to:    yliu9938@gmail.com.

Registration form should be completed

please email to:   dmaAllen@tyDiscoveryMontessori.com

() On-site Registration

Registration forms can be obtained from DMA Allen, DMA Plano or  other Chinese schools

Discovery Montessori Academy, Plano: 3901 W Park blvd. Plano TX 75075, Tel: 972-985-5010

Discovery Montessori Academy, Allen: 601 S Fountain Gate Dr. Allen TX 75002, Tel: 972-359-0909

Email: Office@tydiscoverymontessori.com, DMAallen@tyDiscoveryMontessori.com

Competition time:

Saturday, December 14, 2019      1:00-5:00 pm

 Competition Site

University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)

(AttentionThe University of Texas at Dallas-Center for Asian Studies will not take custodial responsibility of minors while participating in the Chinese Poems Recitation Competition. Custodial responsibility will remain with teachers, parents, legal guardians, and chaperones.)


Discovery Montessori Academy


Center for Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas

Filial piety world organizing committee

华亿国际文化基金会 International Cross Culture Foundation



达拉斯现代汉语学校 DMCLS

达福中文学校 QD Academy

湖北同乡会 Hubei Association


陈文 牙医 矫正专科  Wendy Chen Orthodontics

金像树护理院  Sunny Oak Assisted Living

黎炎芳财务税务规划  Yanfang(Echo)Li Financial planning & Tax Planning

21世纪阳光地产副总裁-卓灵倩C21 sunet group

张一楠律师事务所  Law office of Mike Zhang, PLLC

刘丹舞蹈艺术学校  DL Dance Art School

张晨艺术学校    ZC Art School

孙凯许静茹会计师事务所Sun, Vlankenship & Associates LLC

达福中文学校QD Academy

丁玉琦保险事务所 William Ting  Insurance Agency

永盛保险  E A insurance

 Competition rules:

In order to ensure the fairness, justice, and openness of this competition, the organizing committee has formulated detailed scoring rules as following:

Scores will be tallied in six categories with a maximum score of 10 points total. Following is the distribution of specific scores:(full score: 10, minimum score: 0.1)

[1] intonation: pronunciation is clear. (2 points)

[2] rhythm: a good grasp of rhythm. (2 points)

[3] emotion: (2 points)

[4] stage performance: (2 points)

Expression, gesture, movement and dance collocation during performance; The form of combination,

[5] stage temperament (1 point)

[6] selection of works: difficulty degree (1 point)

To calculate the final score: The highest and lowest scores will be eliminated. Then divide the total score of the judges by the number of valid judges. The resulting value will be reported to the hundredths place (two decimal places).

Contest  time standard: minimum standard 1 minute, no more than 3 minutes, 3-6 years old (1 to 1 and half minute) 7-10 years old (1-2 minutes) 11-14 years old (1-3 minutes)


recommended classic works for this activity:


《琵琶行》、《屈原·橘颂》《论语》 《大学》《逍遥游》《诗经》《离骚》等

Other classic poems of Tang and Song Dynasties is also welcomed


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